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Potluck Gift Grab Bags 

Combined merchandise retail value of $40.00 and even more for only $19.95!

We went through our FANAFI Village Flea Market inventory and pulled a treasure trove of great merchandise for Potluck Grab Bags. Here you can see some of our current grab bag inventory.  All of the merchandise is new, often gift-boxed.  You never know ahead of time what's inside the box you will get but you rest assured that it will be of high quality and value.

We box a minimum of at least 4 pieces with a combined flea market sales value of at least $40.00 for which we charge you only $19.95.  We ship to you by Priority Mail small sized box which USPS ships for $9.45.  If you buy multiple Grab Bags or the merchandise requires a larger box, we automatically put everything in the medium sized box (USPS $16.10) or the large sized box (USPS $21.50) to save you on the higher individual shipping costs.  If it all fits in one box, it all ships in one box. 

Please Note: There are No Returns on Potluck Grab Bags.