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This is a powerful yet simple advertising business to offer to your leads and safe lists.  The site translates to 70 languages and Paypal handles the different currencies. 

During registration everyone pays $7 directly to you before they exit your site.
  • As you advertise you attract shoppers for the vendors who provide these sites.  Your advertising also brings in more vendors and more advertisers like you.
  • Because our sites get traffic from all over the internet, your ads attract banner ad purchases from a variety of clients who want more traffic.
  • Your site is listed with Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search sites.  Social link buttons connect you and your traffic with friends on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Just do what you already do every day, Socialize and Advertise!  You get your own personal business link to include in your current advertising routines and you have a great selection of everyday merchandise linked to your site.

Just like you stopped here to read about this unique automatic payouts system, thousands of alert advertisers and potential site owners will stop at your site.  Many of them will visit the flea market booths and make a purchase.

Whether you’re just tired of being broke or you have a specific financial goal in mind, this is a simple but effective way to get more money into your hands.
Who We Are
We are an internet community of independent hard-working people.  We have flea market vendors, advertisers, shoppers, and various other business clients. 

Vendors offer merchandise and services at great prices.  The flea market provides a great multilingual site for buying and selling worldwide.
Our affiliates advertise and get the word out about our community.

2-Tier Income Program
The affiliates that you sponsor send you $7 directly when they register.  You keep $5, which is your earned amount, and send $2 to your sponsor.  With just 2 signups at your site, you get your investment back plus $3.  From that point forward, all of the money that you keep is straight profit.

Everyone gets the same opportunity, the same start.  You can receive $7 payments from unlimited numbers of your affiliates who sign up as you advertise your site.

A 2-tier affiliate who is not upgraded does not participate in upgrades.  The Upgrade option on a 2-tier affiliate site always goes directly to the administrator.
Honor System
The big key to our payment process is the Honor System.  Registration payments at your site will be coming directly to you.  You keep your earned amount and you must immediately send the remaining balance to your sponsor.

Be sure to abide by the Honor System.  Failure to co-operate would cause you to be removed from the program.  The system is transparent and it is monitored.

This is how everyone gets paid.

It's a Win, Win Situation
There is no limit to your earnings.  Earn as much money as you want. Just keep advertising which will help you add sponsors to your network.

The vendors wisely understand that providing these low-cost small business websites attracts more affiliates, more advertisers, more shoppers, and more vendors.

The independent advertisers realize the possibilities inherent in having a site like this.  If you want to help this business keep growing, keep advertising.

Tip:  Every day, build credits and post ads on at least 5 advertising sites.  The more people that see your site the more opportunities you have to register affiliates who want to make extra money just like you.

Get Your Package
The one-time total cost is only $7.  No Monthly Payments.  No other charges. 

What You Get
-Hosted website with referral link
-Email account to receive your Paypal payments 
-Promotional banner
-Social links for you and visitors to recommend your site
-Website translation to 70 different languages

These sites are built for you to make as much money as possible. You get everything that you need to initiate your new income streams right away! 

Advertise your new business regularly just like the big companies do.

Good luck!

                            Auto-Pay Is the Way!

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